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About Us

Silves Castle 2

Rotary Clube de Silves
Club Number: 29342 (District 1960)
Chartered 29-03-1993

Silves Rotary Club was chartered 25 years ago and during that time has carried out charitable fundraising in aid of the local community and supported the efforts of Rotary International in activities such as ridding the world of Polio.

The club boasts a varied international membership bringing together a wide range of skills and experience which can be drawn upon to enhance the fundraising and fellowship activities of the club.  Our main focus in the Rotary year 2018-2019 is Education.  As in the past, we will organise charity events where the funds raised support schools, groups and organisations that service the local community. However, we will also spend much needed time with students and others who need to learn more about becoming effective members of society.

Through our endeavours at schools we will encourage students to use their artistic skills (music, art, drama, poetry) as art knows no bounds and students do not need to be academically bright to express themselves.

Silves Rotary Club is just one of the 32000 clubs that make up Rotary International where members strive to put service before self for the good of the communities they serve.  Silves Rotary Club is not just about raising money.  It is a friendly club where fellowship and service go hand in hand where meetings are fun as well as businesslike.

Officers of the club and members decide the focus of the club’s activities each year to ensure that the changing needs of the community are met.

Silves Rotary Club members meet for lunch every second and last Thursday of the month at 12:00 for 12:30  Holiday Inn, Armação de Pêra. On occasion we have evening meetingsPlease check with our MoC.

We conduct our meetings in English and our dress code is smart casual.

Rotarians and non-Rotarians are welcome to visit us, please contact our Master of Ceremonies ( to let us know in advance.


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