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Help for Women in Chad

Domino and Petra flag

Isabel Flores present Domino and Petra with an RC Silves Flag

RC Silves members gathered in the Chelb Room at the Holiday Inn to listen to Petra and Domino. Petra is a new member of RC Silves and together with her husband Domino, they explained to us the background to their project in Chad. The project was originally funded by Rotary International alongside the Rotary Club of Basal International. The project aims to provide education and training to the women who fought in the war and who are now abandoned. Through the project the women will be able to support themselves and any family through agriculture and the production of garments and materials to sell in local markets. The project was funded in the first year for 35 women and 100 turned up. The project managed to help them all. All members were engaged with the project and had many suggestions a group will look for ways in which we can support Petra and Domino with this project.

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