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Madrugada, Homebased Palliative Care

On the 25 May, Carol Spires, Presidente de Direcção of Associação Madrugada brought us up to date with developments at Madrugada and their future strategies.  Madrugada provides home based palliative nursing care service for people wishing to spend their remaining days professionally cared for at home. They are a self-supporting, not for profit association. Internal fixed running costs are covered through social enterprises such as their charity shops and private care service Hibiscus. The additional costs of the end of life nursing care service are covered through donations and fund raising events. They have a large number of volunteers from many different countries that work in the stores, deliver goods, and raise funds, and offer admin and financial monitoring. The service could not run without them.  They propose to open a new shop and centre in Lagoa and a new strategic plan too, as the association moves away from its original aim of a Hospice in the Algarve to its current focus on providing more home based care across the Algarve. Carol joined the members for lunch and to take questions. The powerpoint presentation which supported her talk can be seen here:- Madrugada the story so far May 2017

Anyone wishing to find out more about Madrugada or to give a donation should visit their website;

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